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Ski Mask The Slump God

Rockwell At The Complex

Prepared to feel live rap akin to never before? Get your tickets for the one and only Ski Mask The Slump God live at Rockwell At The Complex! Save August 9, 2024 on your agenda, so you won't want to miss this EPIC evening in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Celebrated for bangers like “Catch Me Outside” and “Faucet Failure,” Ski Mask The Slump God shall be dominating the stage. The exciting performances and word-pumping expertise guarantee a concert you do not forget.

Picture the crowd buzzing as the music and beats shakes the floor. From only $114 per ticket, this experience is indescribable. Don’t hesitate – tickets become limited!

11th Dimension Tour

Catch the incredible performance of Ski Mask The Slump God at Rockwell At The Complex on Friday, August 9th, 2024. celebrated for his high energy performances and distinct rap style, this is an chance not to be missed by any hip-hop fan. Ski Mask The Slump God's latest venture, the 2024 11th Dimension Tour, is set to highlight his prestige as a hip-hop heavyweight.

Ski Mask The Slump God, also recognized as Stokeley Clevon Goulbourne, has etched his mark in the rap industry. His debut studio album, "Stokeley", taken him to mainstream success with hits like "Faucet Failure" and "Nuketown". Recently, he dropped a new track titled “Earwax,” delivering a LIVE performance at the Genius Open Mic

Sitting in the center of Salt Lake City, Utah, Rockwell At The Complex is the top venue for live music. With a footprint of 16,500 square feet and seating 2,500 guests, it’s the biggest venue within The Complex's 42,000 square foot area. Its accommodating layout ensures everyone can experience the performances, with dedicated sections available.

Passes are on sale starting from $114. It’s strongly advised to purchase from Ticket Squeeze, a secure marketplace. Hit the “buy tickets” button to claim your ticket. With limited capacity, tickets are scarce, so act fast!

To learn more, contact the Rockwell directly at 801-528-9197.

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rockwell at the complex

Rockwell At The Complex

Rockwell At The Complex, Salt Lake City, Utah, , US