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Rockwell At The Complex

Take your chance to be part of the sensational "The Gemini Tour" by the rap prodigy Lucki at Rockwell At The Complex. Going down on Monday, 19th August 2024, this concert in Salt Lake City, Utah, guarantees to be a evening to remember.

Celebrated for his hit tracks like "NO HELLO", "Used 2", and "GLISTENING", Lucki's unique style never fails to engage fans across the USA. Featuring performances that span his full library, this concert guarantees an fully engaging experience.

Tickets are now starting from just $77.Purchase tickets now to guarantee your place at this grand event.

Mark your calendar: On Monday 19th August 2024. The place to be? Rockwell At The Complex, Salt Lake City, Utah. Join us for an must see experience with Lucki!

The Gemini Tour 2024

Experience the exciting vibe of Lucki's show on Monday, August 19th, 2024, at Rockwell At The Complex in Salt Lake City, Utah. Part of his headline run, 'The Gemini Tour' thats showcasing LIVE hits from his latest album! This event is a perfect opportunity to catch Lucki in person.

Lucki rose to fame in 2013 with his debut project, "Alternative Trap". always delivering his distinct cadence, he has continually put out music that breaks the mold from typical trap. Recently, Lucki dropped his most recent album, "Gemini", and fans have enjoyed it warmly.

Co-signed by prominent figures like Drake and Future, Lucki's career has been incredible since he began pursuing music full-time at the age of 16. He continues to make waves with his recent EP, '2 Faced,' and this tour represents his first U.S. headline run.

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Rockwell is the leading venue at The Complex, with a incredible area of 16,500 square feet and a space for 2,500 spectators. The Complex, known as the heart for live music and entertainment in Salt Lake City, hosts multiple venues within a 42,000 square feet area. Rockwell is primarily a standing-room-only venue, making sure a close connection with the performers.

Tickets for Lucki's The Gemini Tour are available now. Ticket prices start at $77. We strongly advise to grab your passes from the reliable marketplace, Ticket Squeeze.

Click the "buy tickets" link and ensure your presence for this EPIC event.

For additional details, contact The Complex directly at 801-528-9197.

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rockwell at the complex

Rockwell At The Complex

Rockwell At The Complex, Salt Lake City, Utah, , US