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Knocked Loose, Show Me The Body, Loathe & Speed

Rockwell At The Complex

Prepare your ears and brace yourselves for an eventful night of hard-hitting riffs and mosh-worthy breakdowns at "Knocked Loose, Show Me The Body, Loathe & Speed" LIVE music experience! Coming to the Rockwell At The Complex in Salt Lake City, Utah on Saturday 18th May 2024, it’s your chance to see some of the most seismic acts in the Hard Rock and Metal scene.

Knocked Loose, with their unrelenting energy from the success of "Pit Viper" and "Forget Your Name," are primed to rattle the very foundations of The Complex. Show Me The Body will bring their unorthodox fusion of punk and hardcore, stamping their live credentials with the raw power of tunes like "Camp Orchestra." UK-based Loathe, offering a sensory barrage akin to the best moments from "Two-Way Mirror," stand ready to soak you in their atmospheric blend of heavy.

Let’s not forget Speed, Australia's hardcore thunder from down under, whose fierce stage presence promises to escalate the night's intensity. With ticket prices starting at a mere $67, this is a call to every self-respecting metal head and hardcore enthusiast—your tribe gathers under the banner of earth-shaking music and exciting live performances.

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Spring 2024 North American Tour

Brace yourself for a musical blitzkreig as the hardcore heavyweights take over Salt Lake City! On Saturday, 18th May 2024 at the Rockwell At The Complex, witness a night of relentless energy where ferocious riffs and earth-shattering breakdowns are your rite of passage. Feel your pulse synchronize with the thunderous rhythms and the raw shouts of the crowd and moshpit.

Knocked Loose

Rising from the depths of Kentucky's hardcore scene, Knocked Loose have clawed their way up, leaving a trail of acclaim with their recent works. Fans can anticipate live renditions of their powerful tracks, as they celebrate their formidable presence on the tour circuit. Their explosive shows not only showcase their technical prowess but have also earned them an unshakable position in the hearts of metal fans.

Show Me The Body

New York's own Show Me the Body brings gritty, pure energy to the fray with their unique banjo-laced punk noise. Their reputation for pushing the boundaries of hardcore music resounds in their fearlessly radical sound, earning them a fiercely loyal following. fans can expect a tumultuous set that delivers both intensity and finesse in equal measure.


Hailing from the UK, Loathe are known for their atmospheric blend of down-tuned aggression. With artistry that defies genre constraints, they add a layer of dark, immersive tunes to the evening. Their innovative style has garnered critical acclaim, cementing their status as a band to watch in the international metal landscape.


Rounding out this powerhouse lineup is Speed, whose high-octane performances match their name. As they take to the stage with an arsenal of fierce tracks, fans can brace themselves for a high-velocity onslaught of hardcore punk. Speed's rise up the scene's ranks speaks to both their skill and the unrelenting drive of their performances.

Rockwell At The Complex Information

The Rockwell At The Complex, with its sprawling 16,500 square feet and a holding capacity of 2,500 people, stands as a proof of Salt Lake City's lively music culture. As a beacon for historical concerts, it provides excellent sightlines, intoxicating acoustics and an array of amenities ensuring every show is an exceptional event. For any additional information concerning the venue, you're advised to reach out directly to the Complex.

Ticket Information

Do not miss your chance to be part of this EPIC evening. Secure your place among the echelons of hardcore and metal supporters. Starting at just $67, tickets are an investment in pure adrenaline. Ensure your spot at the forefront of musical mayhem by visiting Ticket Squeeze, your trusted destination for safe ticket purchases. Just hit the "buy tickets" button and prepare for a collision of sound titans!

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Rockwell At The Complex

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