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Ready to plunge yourself in an epic night of eventful metalcore tunes? As I Lay Dying, the powerhouse band always delivering their energetic performances, is set to take the stage at Rockwell At The Complex. Come and experience an adrenaline-packed event on Monday 15th July 2024 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

With ticket prices beginning from just $71, you can witness the pure emotion and intensity that chart-topping tracks like "Nothing Left" and "The Sound of Truth" deliver LIVE! As I Lay Dying's remarkable achievements, such as a Grammy nomination and their relentless commitment to metalcore guarantee an incomparable experience.

Joining them are the heavy-hitters Chelsea Grin and Entheos, adding their own unique sound to forge a lineup that's sheer sound intensity. Don't miss your chance to be surrounded by in a night where each chord and scream echoes with passion.

To reserve your spot in this head-banging event, just click the 'buy tickets' button. Get your tickets now and gear up for a concert where metalcore reigns supreme!

Attention all metalcore admirers: Prepare yourself for a night of thunderous riffs and unrelenting energy at Rockwell At The Complex! On Monday 15th July 2024, Salt Lake City, Utah will resound with the sounds of the legendary band As I Lay Dying, accompanied by the formidable talents of Chelsea Grin and Entheos. With tickets starting at just $71, this event promises to be an extraordinary experience filled with high-octane performances that will leave audiences breathless.

As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying, a band that has dominated the scene since the year 2000, continues to charge forward with their upcoming performance. Celebrating recent awards, including immense anticipation over their soon-to-be-released album that was mixed in spring 2023, they remain unstoppable in metalcore circles. Despite encountering setbacks like the 2019 pandemic, the group's resilience shines through with their latest work. They have been honored with several awards throughout their career and continue to entertain fans around the globe. Accompanied by their popular songs and the recent album "Shaped by Fire", As I Lay Dying's show at Rockwell At The Complex is not to be missed.

Chelsea Grin

Chelsea Grin, with their crushing intensity and show-stopping performances, is poised to deliver an explosive supporting set that perfectly complements As I Lay Dying. This band has carved out their own place in the metalcore halls, gathering a dedicated following with their supreme sound and gripping stage presence.


Entheos, adding their own unique flavor to the event, boasts notable achievements in the genre. Their refined musical craftsmanship and compelling live shows make them a rising star, garnering attention and honors within the heavy music community.

Rockwell At The Complex Information

Nestling in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, Rockwell At The Complex boasts a well known history of hosting excellent concerts. This venue, celebrating over a decade of LIVE performances, is equipped with top-notch amenities to cater to every concert-goer’s needs. With an impressive seating capacity that accommodates 2,500 people, Rockwell offers an hypnotic experience that's hard to match.

Ticket Information

If you're eager to witness a night of testamental metalcore, do not hesitate to reserve your place at this must-see event. Obtain your tickets from Ticket Squeeze, the reliable and secure platform, by clicking the "buy tickets" button. With As I Lay Dying leading the lineup and the support of Chelsea Grin and Entheos, guarantee your entrance to what guarantees to be one of the most energetic concerts of the year.

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rockwell at the complex

Rockwell At The Complex

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